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Unlock the Secrets to Flourishing Relationships!

Online Event Through Google Meet
Start on September 25, 2023 : 08:09 pm
End on September 26, 2023 : 09:09 pm
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Exploring the Art of Relationship Counselling
Online Workshop

Join us for a remarkable two-day online event where we delve into the heart of relationships and uncover the keys to lasting happiness.

🔑 Key Highlights:
✨ Strengthening Friendship and Intimacy
✨ Understanding Each Partner's Inner World
✨ Navigating Through Past Regrettable Incidents
✨ Enhancing Communication Among Couples
✨ Mastering Conflict Resolution in Relationships
✨ Fun and Games for Deeper Connection
✨ Identifying and Overcoming Toxic Relationship Patterns
✨ Unveiling Couple Dynamics and Personalities

🎙️ TP Jawad
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your relationships and create lasting bonds. Join us and be part of the Exploring the Art of Relationship Counselling event!

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