Dr. Dhanesh Gopalan

Licensed Clinical Pychologist

Advisory Board Member, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr K G Dhanesh ,Phd is registered under Rehabilitation council of India (RCI). Our Board member has completed his Phd in clinical psychology from Bharathiar university. He has more than 11 years of clinical experience. He was the former Principal & Clinical Psychologist at K E Safiya Autism Centre, New Mahe (India). He was a former Consultant Licensed Clinical Psychologist at WellnessClinic, Calicut. Dedicated and passionate about serving a wide array of clients and helping them with mental, emotional and behavioral problems. He has completed more than 10,000 hours of psychological counselling. With more than 2000 hours in family therapy he has expertise in the area of managing family problems.  His main forte is identifying, diagnosing and treating depression, suicide intent and bipolar disorders. He also has mastery in handling kids with Autism, Learning disability and IQ problems.  His Adeptness in creating and implementing treatment plans are really way ahead of time. He has completed his Phd in clinical psychology from Bharathiar university.

Achievements And Awards


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  • Dhanesh, K. G. (2016) Assessment of Specific Learning Disabilities. In B.William Dharma Raja (Ed.) Enabling the Learning Disabled. Thirunelveli: MS
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