About Us


Wellness Clinic is an abode  where you can  sew the strings of life.  We provide most effective  treatment and care for those suffering from mental and emotional crises. Our center has an array of  highly qualified mental health professionals expertised in  psychological assessment, counseling, psychotherapy,  remedial training and so forth


Wellness Clinic offers the most scientific solutions to life-threatening psychological  problems, serious mental illnesses, marital problems, sleep and diet related problems, OCDs, Paranoid disorders,  learning problems etc.

What we do

Our Psychology center in Calicut deals people with life issues such as

  •  Depression
  • Stress and anxiety problems, including phobias
  • Marriage related problems
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Addictions

counseling and psychology treatment

Our mental health center typical testing consists of a face to face interview and tests. Our test includes individualized battery of psychological and neuro-psychological tests.  These tests are designed to provide an assessment of cognitive functioning. All these tests used are standardised and internationally acclaimed. Once the facts about the patient is collected then the patient with the best treatment/therapy/counselling possible. A comprehensive report including test results, impressions, and solutions provided during the feedback session.

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